Shoval Investment & Management
is a leading real estate company in Israel and around the globe.

The company, which was founded by businessman and entrepreneur Ness Shoval, specializes in office rentals in luxury towers in Israel’s most desirable locations in Metropolitan Tel Aviv. It also provides asset management services for the properties it holds.

Among the assets Shoval holds are: The Electra Tower and The Museum Tower in Tel Aviv, Ha’Ogen Tower in Ramat Ha’Chayal, Ackerstein Towers in Herzliya Pituach and Azrieli Center in Holon.
Shoval has a wide variety of offices for rent, starting at 100 square meters. Each site was planned with a vision of effective and advanced work environments: use of high-quality materials, innovative led lighting, utilization of daylight, energy-saving and eco-friendly thermal insulation, maximum use of space, the highest finishing standards and an impressive lobby and parking lot in each tower.
The wide selection of properties Shoval offers and manages, allows the company to find the most suitable office for you. This means taking into account size, location and requirements – all without commission fees.
Shoval Management and Investments has a reputation for reliability, know-how and successful project management in Israel and internationally.

The company’s and senior management offices are located in Alon Towers

We invite you to come visit our properties firsthand and let our service-oriented staff lead you to your preferred office space.

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